Dfuzr Receives 2015 Gold Davey Award

Last week, Dfuzr received word of their most recent win: a Gold Davey Award by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, for excellence in the Integrated Campaign category. Winning again for projects done for Twitter Flock, this award also honored the Flock campaign as a whole, to include digital and out-of-home advertising.

10628704_934651478903_7962537039850810159_o (1)L to R: Nate Stewart, Dan Allan, and Brian Leonard in front of the
Twitter bus wrap they created

The AIVA hosts a variety of competitions annually, to include the Davey Awards, as well as the W³ Awards, where Dfuzr was also recognized for their Twitter Flock integrated campaign work. While the W³ Awards honor high quality in web design and development from a general standpoint, the Davey Awards are specifically centered around smaller agencies that leave big impact. Named for David in the biblical story on David and Goliath, the purpose of the Davey Awards is to single out agencies that may not have household name recognition, but are doing great things in the world of design, development, and marketing.

The integrated campaign for Twitter Flock was begun in late 2014, quite close to the holiday season, and required a very tight turnaround to completion. There was much to do to make the campaign a success by the deadline, which was the launch of Twitter’s Flock event, their global developer tour. Creative Director Brian Leonard has gone on record about the expectations of the project when asked about their last award for the Twitter Flock campaign, the W³ Gold Award.

11021522_1078409208852042_7357664107442029485_oOne of the snowboards created for Twitter for their Flock campaign
Contributors include Dfuzr (design,) Never Summer (product)

“The Twitter Flock campaign proved to be a fun challenge in creating an integrated, branded campaign,” says Art Director Dan Allan. “Having the opportunity to design a snowboard and bus wrap [part of the out-of-home advertising piece of the campaign] has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in my design career. Seeing these pieces come to life, and in the bus wrap’s case, tour the country really made this campaign special.”

11025912_1078409215518708_5894302878172030833_oAnother snowboard created for the Twitter Flock campaign;
this snowboard has a heat map of every time the word “snow” was tweeted.
Contributors include Dfuzr (design) and Never Summer (product)

Contributors to this project include: Brian Leonard, Creative Director; Dan Allan, Art Director; Brandon Schafer, Executive Interactive Producer; Avery Wolkin-Hadzi, Front-End Developer; and Nate Stewart, Jr. Art Director.

The Twitter Flock microsite is still live and can be accessed here. Additional pictures inside this post reflect pieces of the out-of-home advertising section of the campaign, including the snowboards and bus wrap. The Davey Award listing for Dfuzr can be found here, and a complete list of other winners can be found here.


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